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Daily Narrative Lectionary Readings

It's called "For the Church at Home" and it started when we began the Narrative Lectionary in worship on Sundays. The narrative is a map, of sorts, to connect one Sunday to the next. It is a devotional tool (if your're into that kind of thing) that helps get us from on Sunday to the next.

The Bible is an incredibly complex collection of books and stories. There are layers and layers of story-telling in its pages and there is no way we can get to the whole story every Sunday. So, for those of you that want to go deeper, you have a reading offered every day that connects the stories.

There is also a section (Learn) that connects this part of the story to who we are as United Church of Christ. There will be some questions that will invite you into the (World) and think about it from your point of view. It will always conclude with a prayer.

Readings for the Week of 3.15.20

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Readings for the Week of 3.8.20