All are welcome...


Q. Who is welcome at Pilgrim?
Q. What denomination is Pilgrim and what are the core beliefs?
Q. Pilgrim describes itself as a “mission church.” What does that mean?
Q. Pilgrim is described as Accessible to All. What does that mean?
Q. How do I become a member of Pilgrim? Do I need to take classes?
Q. Who can take communion and how often is it?
Q. How is baptism viewed at Pilgrim?
Q. What is the size of the church?
Q. When was Pilgrim founded and how long has the building been here?
Q. It seems like churches always asking people for money. Is Pilgrim the same?
Q. What are the guidelines and expectations for children during the service?
Q. What types of Bible study or education opportunities are there?
Q. What kind of Sunday School and youth programs does Pilgrim offer?
Q. Is Little ROCK and ROCK Hour open to visitors or people who attend occasionally?
Q. What types of social activities are there?
Q. How do I join a small group (choir, Praise Team, ministry team, etc.)?
Q. Are there handicapped parking spaces at Pilgrim?
Q. Do you still have questions?