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Care for our earth


God calls all people to be caretakers of Creation.

One way to live out this charge is to be thoughtful of our impact on Earth-from the food we eat to the energy we use to the waste we generate. Responding to this call has been an important part of Pilgrim United Church of Christ for many years.

Some think of this activity as another form of mission work. In this light, the congregation does things small and large:

  • Our newsletter runs a monthly piece focusing on practical, environmentally friendly tips for everyday life.
  • Recycling programs collect empty RX bottles, yarn, and cotton fabric.
  • An energy efficiency audit resulted in changes to how we operate the heating and cooling system, saving thousands of dollars per year.

In 2010, a 32kW solar electric energy system was installed. It provides nearly 50% of Pilgrim's annual electricity needs and reduces the church's carbon dioxide pollution by about 66,000 pounds every year! Through grants, incentives and our own fundraising, the system is already fully paid for.